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Best Farm Premium Pearl Coix Collagen 精选胶原美白薏仁饮 500g

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Enjoy plentiful beauty benefits in one cup. Best Farm Premium Pearl Coix Collagen specially formulated for those who want brighter, healthier, glowing & radiant looking skin. Regular consumption leads to improved hydration of skin, promotes whitening effects and the skin will become more delicate and finer.

What Does “Best Farm Premium Pearl Coix Collagen? Taste Like?
Best Farm Collagen Barley Drink has a light barley taste. It can be mixed with your beverage such as grain beverages, juice, plain water, or in foods such as porridge or cereals.

★Promote brighter skin and reduce melanin
★Reduce acne skin problem
★Reduces pore size and beautifying skin
★Helps eliminate water retention and reduce edema
★Anti-inflammatory effects
★Helps fight premature signs of aging
★Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Three NO:
★No Artificial Coloring
★No Artificial Flavoring
★No Preservative Added

Q & A
Q : How long does it take to experience results?
A : The effect varies from person to person. On average, skin cycle is around 28 days, which means you may see improvement in about 30 days after you take Premium Pearl Coix Collagen.

Q : Is Premium Pearl Coix Collagen vegan friendly?
A : Best Farm Collagen Barley Drink contains Marine collagen so it is NOT suitable for vegans.

Q : Can I drink if I have a pre-existing medical condition or during pregnancy?
A : Not recommended for those who are pregnant but you may consume after pregnancy. Please consult your physician before use.

Q : Can I drink Best Farm Collagen Barley Drink during my period (menstruation)?
A : You are suggested not to take Coix seed during your menstrual period as it is considered slightly cold in nature but drink it after menstruation is perfectly good.

Q : Can my kid drink Best Farm Collagen Barley Drink as well?
A : Kids above 3 years can consume as well but not more than one time a day.

Q : Does it suitable for consumption by Three-Hypers?
A : Yes, coix seed can help to lower blood cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease,hyperlipidemia, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease and heart disease. But it is recommended to take moderately, just a cup per day.
*Note: If you are taking other medicine at the same time, please consult your doctor

How to use
1. Pour 150ml of warm water.
2. Add 2 scoops (20g) of Best Farm Premium Pearl Coix Collagen powder.
3. Stir well & serve.

*You can add Best Farm Premium Pearl Coix Collagen to your favorite beverage whether multigrain drink, milk or oatmeal as well.

Organic Coix Powder, Organic Coix Extract, Barley Powder, Prebiotic mix (GOS, FOS), Pearl extract powder, Seagarden Collagen.

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