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Aurora D. Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush 5.0

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AURORA D. SMART SONIC ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH recharge your healthiest smile

Keep your teeth and gums healthy! Aurora D. Smart Sonic Toothbrush is a sonic-powered toothbrush that fulfills every need of yours.
With its ultra-fast vibrations, customizable settings, and long-lasting battery life, give your hands a break and give your teeth the care that manual toothbrushes can't clean.

Want to smile with confidence? We had you covered.
Aurora D. Smart Sonic Toothbrush has the integration of advanced sonic technology with dental care to build a healthy new habit.

◆ Up to 40,000 Sonic Vibration Per Minute
◆ Maintain Daily Oral Hygiene
◆ Smart Timer Technology

What’s inside:
◆Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush :1 x Sonic toothbrush + 2 x Brush heads + 1 x USB cable + 1 x Operations Manual (1Box)

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